Fiberglass sleeves provide dual protection for you

Pipes or cables need to have both insulation protection and high temperature resistant protection, so let the high temperature fire sleeves provide dual protection for you!

The high temperature fire sleeves of Hebei Zeal Fiberglass Materials Co.,Ltd is the best choice for you to protect the cables or pipes. It not only internal high temperature resistant, but also external insulation. The inner side of fire sleeve is made from woven insulated glass fibre that has good heat resistance. And then the glass fibre will be more thick and fine through the special weaving process of Hebei Zeal Fiberglass Materials Co.,Ltd, which is for high temperature resistant insulation casing to lay a solid foundation. The fire sleeve is heavily coated with silicone rubber that can dielectric loss and have high insulation coefficient. According to the specific condition, adding retardant particles or iron oxide and then vulcanizing to make the sleeve insulation properties can be optimized to the maximum is Rreat Pack’s scientific and technological innovation achievement. The strict quality control system was implemented in each link from materials entering , production to finished products laeving plant, which would guarantee the quality effectively and receive the recognition from our customers. Its high temperature resistance and insulation properties are superior to other products. Provide dual protection for wires or hoses for insuring safe production.