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Fiberglass Woven Tape is fabricated from high quality type E fiberglass that will not burn and will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 1100°F / 593°C.

Key Features
Fiberglass offers excellent heat resistance, retaining more than half of its room temperature tensile strength at 675°F / 357°C, and more than 25% at 875°F / 468°C.  It begins to soften at 1500°F / 815°C and melts near 2050°F / 1121°C.

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fiberglass tape Product parameters

fiberglass tape Short description
These high temperature tapes provide protection of industrial wires, cables, hoses, tube and pipe and also provide thermal insulation and personnel protection. Also used as a gasket or seal.  Available as a Plain tape or ladder tape. 

Fiberglass tape application

Fiberglass tape application

Fiberglass tape application

Zeal product will be tested in the factory line before packed.
We will use pallet to ship the quantity products. We will use PE film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.
Packaging Details: poly bag, standard export carton box.
Delivery Detail: 10 days after the payment

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Hebei Zeal Fiberglass Materials Co.,Ltd has 4,000 square meters warehousing center, using a full set of SAP’s warehouse management system and data acquisition solutions to achieve visual management objectives of the warehouse. Perennial to maintain adequate inventory, and leveraging the modernization of logistics, large-scale operation to achieve efficient delivery throughout the territory.

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