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Zeal’s good services

1.Domestic customers :Zeal has many sales and service personnel in many area . We will arrange the products for customers in time .Business personnel response for help customer choose the size ,and customer service response for tell customer how to install,will give the customer more quickly ,better service !
2.Overseas customer : Zeal has overseas warehouse,when the customers send orders to us , we can arrange the products at the nearest place.Professional foreign trade team will deal with the whole process of foreign trade,include the produce ,transport,shipping,customs clearance.

Zeal’s logistics and warehousing services

Zeal has 4000 ㎡ warehouse,use SAP company’s warehouse management system and data acquisition solution,achieve warehouse management objectives.keep a large stock of products.use the advanced logistics system,Large-scale operation to send the products !
Zeal has all high temperature resistance and insulation ,safety protection and other hundreds of products to make different customers satisfied.Widely used in metal metallurgy,steel coking ,aerospace,military project,nuclear power ,new energy ,building industry ,environment protection , other high -teach world and other special fields ! Provide one-stop procurement services for customers .

Zeal’s Technical support

Zeal’s all products according to national standard produce,The products from to produce to use by customer , Zeal give much support and technology .When the customers have any questions ,the sales and service personnel will solve the problems and give more good advice in time !
Certifications: ISO9000 international quality management system certification ,Ts16496 international quality management system certification ,UL certification ,EU DN5510-2 certification,CE certification ,ROHS certification ,MSDS certification ,devote to give customers more advice of high temperate protection .