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Energy Saving Insulation Jackets/ Turbocharger Insulation Jacket
Made of fiber glass composite materials,non-asbestos materials and environmentally safe.
Recommended For:
Provide security for different types of engine exhaust system,which is a good choice for high temperature insulation and energy saving.

Key Features
1.Excellent insulation effect and adiabatic performance;
2.Working tempt.:1200DC;
3.Reduce heat loss and saving energy;
4.Fire retardant;
5.With chemical stability, corrosion resistance of various chemical liquid such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical fertilizer, etc.;
6.Good hydrophobic property, prevent oil pollutio

fire sleeve contact


Turbo blanket parameters

1.Easy dis assembly, easy to install, convenient to clean, convenient maintenance;
2.Can be used repeatedly, long service life;
3.Can be customized according to the turbocharger parts;
4.Suitable for different temperature, different shapes of the supercharger heat preservation and heat insulation;
5.Do not contain asbestos and any other harmful substances;
6.Work to improve thermal environment, to prevent burns.

Used for parts: exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe bending straight pipe, corrugated pipe, flanges, turbocharger, muffler, etc
Application Area: all kinds of formula one racing, civilian passenger cars and industrial vehicles, cranes, agricultural machinery, mining, military military products, new energy vehicle engine, Marine diesel engine, power generation equipment, etc.

Turbo blanket application

Turbo blanket application

Turbo blanket application

Turbo blanket application

Turbo blanket application

Turbo blanket application

Turbo blanket application

Zeal product will be tested in the factory line before packed.

We will use pallet to ship the quantity products. We will use PE film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

Packaging Details: poly bag, standard export carton box.

Delivery Detail: 10 days after the payment



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